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    Block Buster Trade!

    Abe J, Hank Shalom, and Ruby Saka are sent to the Knights in exchange for Michale Beyda, Michael Sabon, and David Rishty who are being shipped to Ya Gotta Believe.

    The Knights, who are 3-3 get some excellent fielders, while Ya Gotta Believe adds some much needed bats to their lineup. 

    Current Standings:

    Kekambas 5-1 
    Threat Level Midnight 4-2 
    Aces 4-2 
    Ti:me 3-3 
    Knights 3-3 
    To the Moon 2-4
    Ya Gotta Believe 2-4  
    Cherokee’s Tribe 1-5

    What a Mother's Day!

    In a Mother’s Day to remember, there was action across the league today! 

    The Aces romped Threat Level Midnight in game 1, but fell in game 2, for a split. Both teams went to 4-2. 

    The Kekambas played two against Cherokee today, within their starting pitcher Abie Cohen. Hollywood Dwek couldn’t get the job done on the mound, but Marc Braha saved the day and got the W in game 2, for a split. 
    Cherokee improved to 1-5, and the Kekambas fell to 5-1. 

    The Knights lost a gut-punch 9-8 ballgame to Ti:me in game 1, when Shimi Cohen robbed Morris Harari of a go-ahead Homerun for the final out. Ti:me took care of business in game two for the sweep. The Knights and Ti:me are both 3-3 on the season. 

    To the Moon gave up 4 runs in the first innings against Ya Gotta Believe but somehow clawed back to tie the game at 4. This game went 11 innings when To the Moon ‘walked’ off with a bases loaded walk to Ralph Hanan to take the thriller, 5-4.  To the Moon eventually swept Ya Gotta Believe by beating them in game 2 by a score of 2-0